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Dear participants, we present you the info-pack for upcoming youth exchange in Czech Republic, which should help you clarify what will be the event about. Please read the information carefully so you don't catch yourself during the project asking yourself – What I'm doing here? In the following pages you will find information about the main activities, venue and also this document can help you how to prepare to this youth exchange.

Project description

How often are you doing anything for the others? For your family, friends, colleagues, customers, totally unknown people? In work, in your personal life, on the street, on the bus station, anywhere? How often do you hear “Thank you” then? How often do you hear please, pardon, could you, may I? How often do YOU use such words? How often the work or even small deeds are at least a little bit appreciated? Indeed, simple THANKS is enough, sufficient reward, isn’t it?

And what is the cost of a nice word? Shouldn’t it be natural? Like breathing? Something that our parents supposed to teach us? All of us? Together with teachers in primary schools, all still repeating that just these words are basis of good manners, and those are the basis of being a good person.

In our organization we’re trying to do the best for our surrounding, for young people, to give them opportunity to broaden their horizons through projects abroad. The same we are trying to provide to youngster from all around the Europe through organizing such events in our country. So many people got such a chance during last year. But how many of them even said “Thank you”?

If we are not able to be polite, to use something so fundamental as to say “Thanks”, how could we be tolerant? How could we be successful in interpersonal relationships? And without these, how could we have a chance to succeed in intercultural environment?

However, even the last mentioned issue is not avoidable in current world of globalization and significant and rapid demographical and social changes. Daily news from all around the Europe are the bright example. While reading the priorities of Erasmus+ Programme, and thus priorities of European Commission and European Union itself, we are quite sure, that we are not so far from the truth. Our world, our society is changing faster than ever before. How are we going to react? How are we going to react WITH and WITHOUT awareness on intercultural differences, understanding of interpersonal relations, sense of tolerance and mutual respect, forgetting or thinking of our behavior, dealing or not dealing good manners on daily basis, manifest or not nothing else than mere humanity.

“ enough” is international youth exchange, which will gather 38 young people from six European countries (Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Italy, Turkey and Czech Republic) aged between 18 – 25 years. The activity will take place in Karlov, Malá Morávka, Czech Republic between 4th to 13th July of 2016.

The program will logically go through above mentioned issues – good manners as basis of everything we are doing in our lives, continuity with interpersonal relationships, followed by intercultural relations and current behavior across the European society and their interconnection to phenomena as tolerance and respect.

English is the official language of the project and it will be used during all common activities. During this project we'll use different kinds of Non Formal methods of learning. You will have the chance to present your personal views on the topic and share with everyone how do you think this topic is affecting youngsters in your country or hometown. All this will be made through different kind of activities, such as discussions, simulations or role-plays.

Financial aspect of project

This project is financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme. Food, accommodation and training are fully covered. The travel costs are reimbursed up to the limits. These limits are described in the table below. The project will cover only expenses during the project days (4. 7. – 13. 7. 2016). Health insurance is not provided. We require to have a travel insurance and we will properly control it!!!

Please note that to be able to reimburse your travel costs we need all your original travel documents (tickets, boarding passes, invoices...)!!!

The reimbursement will be done via bank transfer after receiving all the original travel documents.


Country Distance (kn) Max. amount of money (EUR)
Slovakia 100-499 80
Italy 500-1999 170
Turkey 2000-2999 270
Lithuania 500-1999 170
Romania 500-1999 170
Czech 100-499 80

Only the group leader (1 person from each national group) will be arranging on behalf of all other participants their reimbursement and all the communication and administration around it.

Please use Excel chart provided by your leader to provide us detailed information about every single ticket, which you would like to reimburse.

For any queries concerning the travel costs, reimbursement and other financial issues do not hesitate to contact us (e-mail,

Practical information

Transport: The project will take place in Malá Morávka pod Pradědem. Please consult the way of your travel with your national leader– you suppose to come altogether as a team. For more remoted teams we propose to fly to Brno, Prague, Krakow, Katowice or Wroclav airports. You can also combine your jouney with yellow buses Regio Jet (known also as Student Agency, they have renamed recently). Booking on: For trains connections use:

Meeting point: Bruntál

Please communicate your travel options with us!We will try to find appropriate solution for you in any case.

Your arrival to the venue should not be later than on 4.7.2015 at 18:00! However, if your travel options for this day are too expensive or you’d like to spent some time in Czech Republic, you can come one or two days earlier. We’ll help you to find cheap and nice accommodation.

Your departure should not be earlier than on 13.7.2015 at 10:00 from the venue! However, if the same issues as mentioned above will appear, you can leave one or two days later. We’ll help you to find cheap and nice accommodation.

Number of participants: 5 (18 – 25 years old) + 1 group leader (no age limit)

Different currency: Change rate: 1 Euro – 27, 05 CZK
! PLEASE NOTE! There is NO ATM or EXHANGE OFFICE at the venue, be ready for Czech crowns if you wish to spend some pocket money at the bar – for sweets and non-alcoholic beverage, of course. ;)

Application form: please fill our application form to provide your contact information, special needs etc.:

What you should bring with you?
  • Travel insurance and ID/passport!!!
  • Participant’s contract!
  • Warm clothes - please keep in mind that we will stay in mountain area, so the nights might be cold.
  • If possible, bring your camera to be able to work on your final outcomes.
  • Pocket money – we’ll go for a trip (so if you want buy postcards or taste great Czech beer, take appropriate pocket money with you).
  • One printed photo from your childhood! You will see why... ;) – please don’t forget.
  • Some food and drinks typical for your country or region for intercultural evening. Or anything else to represent your roots, just release your creativity. You can discuss this with your national team leader.
    CHALLENGE! If you’ll bring goods without palm oil together with invoice from the shop, we’ll give you money back!
  • Towels, slippers, shower creams, shampoos...
  • Little presents - please bring two mini-presents for other participants (needed for one of the activities), the value of the presents should not be higher than 2 Euros – just something small/funny/original/handmade...
  • Ideas and good mood - If you know some games, energizers or activities you'd like to share with others, this will be the right time!

Location of the project

The Jeseníky mountains with the foothills are a mountain paradise with a lot of natural, historical and technical treasures. In summer, you can find hundreds of well-marked trails for both hiking and biking. In addition to the renowned winter sports centers, also spas, sights and cultural events are the reasons why to visit the Jeseniky even in the winter.

Educational and recreational centre Mendel University is our venue.It offers accommodation in the picturesque valley of the highest Moravian mountains - Jeseníky. Located in the largest recreational, tourist and ski resort in Moravia, which is part of the village of Malá Morávka pod Pradědem. The guesthouse is located practically in the forest. For closer information check the website:


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us in the e-mail address below in the table.

Name Email Phone number
Andrea Surá +420 604 349 898
Marie Přibylová +420 724 413 559
Michal Bařina +420 723 570 121

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